1. How to get to 3 Surfers Surf School in Ericeira?

R. Belo Horizonte 24,

2655-241 ERICEIRA


2. Is the school open all year?


3. How do students get to the beach?

Because the village of Ericeira is so small, the general access to the beaches is easy. However in case it’s needed, we have our own transport.

4. What are the conditions for people accompanying the surfers?

Non surfers can accompany a surfing client depending on the availability of seats in the transport (van). However, at the beach where the class takes place, the companion is free to spend their time as they please.

5. Should we have classes every day?

That will depend on the student’s physical condition and whether he has any experience surfing. Only then can it be determined if there are the necessary conditions for the student to have classes every day.

6. What is the best time to learn how to surf?

In Ericeira the best time to learn how to surf is from April, until the end of October. However, you can still learn how to surf throughout the other months of the year.

7. How long in advance should I schedule the classes?

For a better service, you should contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

8. What to take to the surf class?

We recommend always to take a beach towel, sun cream, water, something to eat and willingness to learn.

9. Do I need to know how to swim?

It is not required to know how to swim to have a class at 3SURFER’S Surf School. We always work in controlled environments to provide students with maximum security, in addition, teachers will give basic swimming and safety instructions so that nothing unusual happens.

10. How much will I progress in a week of surf?

A week of surfing with daily classes will provide the surfer with a big progress (especially for beginners). Nevertheless, external factors such as, weather conditions can affect the rate at which a surfer is able to develop. In contrast to soccer or basketball where the field is barely changed or effected, in surf there are no similar days and our field is always changing. This can sometimes cause the evolution of the surfer to be slower than usual.

In a week with reasonable wave conditions, a beginner with some sports habit, will be able to stand up in the surf board, catch breaking waves (with the help of the instructor or alone), cut the wave “on the green” and ride the walls of the waves with speed.

11. What's my Surf Level?

Surfing Levels
We have 3 surf levels:
(If you have any doubts about your level, we recommend that you start with level 1)

Surfing level 1:
You are just getting started...More

Surfing level 2:

You can pop-up & try to catch green waves...more

Surfing Level 3:

You can catch green waves consistently...more


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