Hey surf souls out there! Since Ericeira is a surf paradise with high quality waves it is just great to be able to surf them well. Joao and his partners know every single wave here like the back of their own hand. I personally was looking for someone to show me how to progress, to become a decent intermediate surfer, without struggling forever with stupid mistakes. Someone who goes in the water with me, to analyze and tell me precisely about my difficulties. Luckily I found those guys, and because they are not just very good surfers and instructors, but also friendly personalities with a good spirit, I also don´t feel like one of a thousand tourists that come and go without ever touching what it means to surf. With them you will meet interesting locals with an easy going attitude and something to say. Apart from that, they just started their own little surf school, so for sure you will enjoy some special days with this really motivated team. Good waves to you. Pura Vida!

3SURFER'S Surf School

R. Belo Horizonte 18,
2655-241 ERICEIRA

Tel.: +351 936781307
Tel.: +351 912255712
Tel.: +351 966867248